About Me
I take the teeth and turn them into stunning, one- of-a-kind pieces of jewelry for you to cherish for years to come.  Each piece is individually set using either .925 Sterling Silver or 14k Gold.  
If you don't own a young horse or own a horse at all, but want one of these unique treasures, contact me.  I can help you choose a piece from my personal collection that I have amassed from  my years of working with young horses.

Hello,  my name is Gail Mitchell. After spending most of my life as a horse trainer and lover of all things equine, I made the decision to bring  my passion to the public.  I design and create custom jewelry made from horse teeth.

In its lifetime, a horse possesses two sets of teeth.  The first  of  the "baby teeth" are shed around the age of two and finally by age five,  when their permenant teeth come in.  These "caps" as they are often called, can sometimes be found on the ground, in a feed bucket, water trough, or can be removed by a veterinarian.  These caps are like snowflakes, no two are alike.  Each one is as unique as the horse it came from.  They can also be used for DNA purposes.  With these caps, my skills are put to work.

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